Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Second Quarter 2009 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Ken Riggs: Second Quarter 2009 Edition of the ITQ
The outlook for commercial real estate is just plain bleak. The economic downturn that hit the nation is the “worst downturn since the Great Depression.” And, this so-called “tsunami” is so pervasive and struck so quickly that even the most seasoned commercial real estate professionals asked: “How did this happen, and how did this happen so fast?” Listen as Ken Riggs paints a sobering picture on the market and provides more insight from the Second Quarter 2009 edition of the RERC/CCIM Investment Trends Quarterly. Riggs predicts a recovery may be four quarters away, given the lag time involving commercial real estate sales and rents. But he’s optimistic that there are opportunities, and he predicts the industry will be stronger in the long-term.

Source: podcast.ccim.com

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