Monday, May 13, 2013

New plants in NW Georgia to bring a total of 2,600 jobs

Mattex, a carpet backing and textile company, has announced they will be building a new plant in northwest Georgia that will employ 200 people.  This came about a week after Engineered Floors announced plans to open two new carpet plants that are expected to employ 2,400 people in the same area.  This is all great news for northwest Georgia and it looks like the flooring industry there will continue on it's path of revitalization.  A link to the AJC's article regarding the Mattex plant is here.

Incentives offered by the Department of Economic Development are discussed in a related article.  It is said that Engineered Floors could receive over $100 million in state incentives with the opening of it's two new plants. A link to that article is here.  

Both of these projects will be build-to-suit constructions, which can make activity appear to be improving.  As we have seen in the recent past, this does not usually translate to a notable impact in net absorption.  However, these projects are likely to create a need for additional suppliers and distributors.  Then, maybe we will make a dent in our high availability rates.  How big of an impact do you think these two projects will have on the Metro Atlanta industrial real estate market?

Allison Evans
King Industrial Realty

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